Slip & Falls

slip and fall

Let's face it there is nothing more embarrassing than suffering from a slip and fall or a trip and fall. In most cases we are laying on the floor unsure of what happened and just wanting to get up before people start to laugh at us.

Sometimes people fall because they are distracted or just plain clumsy, but more often than not people fall because of something on the ground. If you are somewhere and fall it is important to figure out why you fell before being so quick to jump up and get on your way. Was there something on the ground? Was there an uneven surface? Was there a hidden danger?

Florida law dictates that the person or entity in possession or control of business premises owes a duty of reasonable care to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition for the safety of business invitees on the premises, which includes reasonable efforts to keep the premises free from transitory foreign objects or substances that might foreseeably give rise to loss, injury, or damage.

After the initial embarrassment of falling subsides is usually when the subsequent injury and pain develops. Even a minor fall can lead to serious injuries. Always make sure to report a fall no matter how insignificant you think it is at the time. Most cell phones today have a camera built in, make sure to take pictures of where you fell. Try to get the names and phone numbers of any witnesses. Most importantly if you have any doubts as to if you are injured seek immediate medical attention. I assure you there is nothing more embarrassing then suffering a fall which leads to real injuries and then not being able to do anything about it because you were too concerned with getting up and getting out of there before someone saw you.

Make sure you do not find yourself in a situation where days later you are facing unwanted medical bills with no recourse.

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