Should I sign the paperwork the other insurance company sent me?

Do not sign anything unless you fully understand what you are signing.There are generally three set of forms that the other side’s insurance company may send you.

Typically an insurance adjuster will be sending you medical authorizations. These authorizations tend to be very broad and give the insurance company the power to obtain whatever records they want regardless if they are related to your accident or not. Sometimes these records go back 10 – 15 years and contain private information you do not want to share. I suggest getting your own records first making sure they’re accurate and then giving those records to the insurance company.

The second form they’ll I often ask you to sign is a release. They may send you a check along with the release. If you accept the check and sign the release you are ending your case forever. If you discover further injuries or need more care the other side will no longer be responsible for paying for it once you sign a release.

The third set of forms that you may receive can be related to your property damage claim. These forms typically tend to be straight forward and can generally be read and signed by clients without needing an attorney to review them. But again never sign anything unless you fully understand it.

If you have any questions about what the insurance company has given you or wants you to do contact an attorney who specializes in injury work to help you.