How much is my case worth?

The truth is I do not know!Every case is different and each difference affects the value of your case.

I do not care that your friend had an accident and was not even hurt and got a ton of money…

Cases are evaluated on a case by case basis and no two cases are ever the same and no two cases ever settle for the same amount.

The value of your case depends on a number of things including:

  1. How clear is liability.  Does everyone agree as to how the accident happened and who is at fault.  Just because you think it is clear that does not mean the other side will not lie to avoid responsibility.
  2. Did your injuries appear immediately.  If you are injured at the scene and everyone involved knows you were hurt is different than claiming you are injured a week later.
  3. How quickly did you receive medical attention.  Did you tell the cops you were not hurt and did not need an ambulance or did not need to go to the hospital.  The longer you wait to seek medical attention the harder it is to prove that your injuries are from the accident.
  4. Were you consistent in your medical treatment.  Did you go to therapy and follow your doctor’s advice or did you go for treatment every once in a while when it was convenient for you?
  5. Did you exaggerate your injuries?  Nobody likes a complainer.  Are you being realistic in your complaints and in your recovery?
  6. Do you have pre-existing injuries or accidents?  If you have an extensive past history it will affect the value of your current case.
  7. What insurance company/adjuster you are dealing with.  Every insurance company and adjuster values cases differently.  Some carriers are known for making low offers and trying to settle a case for less than its full value.
  8. How old you are.  Age affects your ability to heal and also brings about degenerative changes that affect the value of your claim.
  9. Were you at fault at all for the accident?  Comparative fault (fault on the part of the injured person) will bring down the value of a claim.
  10. How much property damages there is.  Lets face it a minor scratch on your bumper is different than a car that is totaled in an accident.
  11. What are your out of pocket expenses?
  12. What future medical care do you need?  Do you require surgery or will you be fine after a few visits to physical therapy?

These are just a few of the many factors that go into determining how much a case is worth. It is important to work with an attorney that specializes in injury case to make sure you get the full value for your case. That does not mean an attorney that handles thousands of injury cases at a time and is looking to settle your case on the cheap and move on to the next case.