Do I need a Lawyer?

The quick answer is not always.

Most attorneys spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for advertising. Whether it is posting their face on billboards all over town or running television ads throughout the day and night they are spending big bucks to get you to think you MUST hire an attorney. The truth is that not all cases need an attorney. Don’t be preyed on by untrustworthy attorneys who see dollar signs when they look at you.

If you have an automobile accident that only involves property damages you do not need an attorney.

If you have a simple injury case, which means you treated with a doctor and have no lasting problems, there is no dispute (on the part of the other side’s insurance company) as to who caused the accident, and no medical liens or subrogation issues , you do not need an attorney.

However, in most situations cases are not this straightforward. The more complicated your injury is, the more likely it is that an attorney is going to be able to add value for you. An attorney who specializes in personal injury will have a lot of experience evaluating and handling cases like yours in your geographic area.

Remember insurance companies are not your friends and they will do whatever they can to take advantage of you especially if you do not have a lawyer on your side.

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